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Sub-Department of the Reception, Mail and Liaison

Under the authority of a Sub-Director, Sub-Department of Reception, Mail and Liaison is in charge of:
- Reception, information and Orientation;
- Receiving, sorting, processing and distribution of mail;
-The reproduction, distribution, classification and conservation
signed acts;
-Notification of individual acts "and the breakdown of regulatory acts, as well as any other document service
- The reminder services for the processing of files.
 It includes:
- The Reception and Orientation Service;
- Service Mail and Liaison;
- The Relaunch Service,
- The Documentation and Archives Service.

The reception and Orientation Service

 Under the authority of a Service Head, the reception and Orientation Service is in charge of:
- The reception of applications;
- The reception of applications;
- Control of documents.

 It includes:
- The Reception and Information Bureau,
- The Conformity Monitoring Bureau.

 Mail and Liaison Service

 Under the authority of a Head of Service, Service Mail and Liaison is in charge of:
- Recording and coding of physical records;
- The breakdown of the post;
- The classification and conservation signed acts;
- The duplication of individual acts and all other service;
- Notification of signed acts
 - The creation of electronic records

It includes:
- Mail In Bureau;
- Mail Out Bureau,
- The Duplication Bureau.
The Relaunch Service

 Under the authority of a Service Head, the Relaunch Service is in charge of:

- Monitoring of users' requests;
- Automatic relaunch of services in case of non-respect of standard deadlines for the processing of files,
- The initiative of reminding other government departments.

It includes:
- The Bureau for Monitoring of Queries,
- The Bureau for Relaunch of Files.
The Documentation and Archives Service

Under the authority of a Service Head, the Documentation and Archives Service is in charge of:
- Design and implementation of a classification system of documentation of the Ministry;
- The collection, centralization and dissemination of written, photographic, digital and audio-visual material in mining, industry and technological development documentation;
- The promotion of reading and literature in the field of mining, industry and technological development;
- The organization and operation of the Library of the Department;
- The acquisition, management and conservation of works related to mining, industrial and technological development,
- The collection and remittance of the archives of the Ministry of the National Archives.

It includes:
- The Documentation Bureau
- The Archives Bureau.

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